Call of Circassian organizations for the All-Russian population census: We Are Circassians

Dear compatriots!

For the period from October 15 to November 14, 2021, the All-Russian Population Census is carried out.

According to the rules of the census, the information provided by the respondent will be entered into the questionnaire.

The census provides for an indication of the nationality of the citizen.

We all:

- abadzekh
- besleny
- bjedugh
- yegerukhuay
- zhane
- temirgoy
- kabardey
- makhosh
- natukhuay
- ubikh
- khatukuay
- shapsug
one people - Circassians (adyghe)!

According to the established practice, many peoples have a self-name and a foreign name. Self-name, as a rule, is used in cases of mentioning a people in its native language, in cases of mentioning in other languages, a foreign name is used. In the world community, people are recognizable by their foreign name.

The officially recognized list of indigenous non-Russian peoples of Russia does not contain self-names of peoples. The census will be conducted not in our native language, but in a foreign language - Russian, the state language of Russia.

It is fundamentally important for us to consolidate a single name for a nation in statistical records.

Proceeding from this, each of us, worried about the fate and future of the people, should register as a Circassian in the census.

We are all Adyghe (in our native language), we are all Circassians (in other languages). We have one Motherland, one Fatherland!

We urge every compatriot to take part in the census and indicate their nationality - "Circassian".

1. Kalmykov Zh.A. - Chairman of the Coordination Council of the Adyghe public associations of the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic.
2. Khatazhukov V.A. - Chairman of the Kabardino-Balkarian Human Rights Center.
3. Zhemukhov Z.B. - Chairman of the public organization "ZhyleBze".
4. Guser A.F. - Chairman of the public organization "Perit"
5. Beshtoev A.B. - Chairman of the OD "Kabardin Congress".
6. Ashkhotov A.T. - public organization "Nart Heku".
7. Gubachikov Zh.M. - Public Committee "For Peace and Interethnic Accord in KBR".
8. Kochesoko M. - public organization "KhaBze".