The residents of Kfar Kama started a struggle against the placement of high voltage power lines near the village


Hundreds of residents of the Circassian village of Kfar Kama in Israel started to organize groups on social networks and in the whatsapp in order to stop the installation of high voltage power lines (Line 400) on the eastern side of the village. The action started a few days ago and letters have already been sent to the parties involved in this plan as well as to the local council of Kfar Kama which according to the residents did not inform the residents about the plan to place high voltage power lines near the village.

According to the residents, placing power lines only about 50 meters from the village's residences will harm the health of the residents, damage the quality of the environment and stop the development of the village on its eastern side.

The group that was organized is examining all the possibilities of action, both legal, socio-political and demonstrations and other protest actions, with the aim of stopping the placing of high voltage lines near the village. The residents' demand is to move the power lines away from the village and bury them underground.