Head of Adygea and ex-President of Adygea met with heads of medical institutions of the republic


Head of the Republic of Adygeya Murat Kumpilov and ex-President of the Republic Khazret Sovmen met with heads and doctors of medical institutions of the republic in the Government House of the Republic of Adygea,- the press service of the head of Adygea reports.

The meeting was also attended by a member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation,  Writer Iskhak Mashbash.

Opening the event, the Head of Adygea noted the significant contribution of Khazret Sovmen to the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

“During the most difficult period of the spread of the infection, when healthcare was experiencing a colossal burden and a shortage of medicines, protective equipment, medical equipment, Khazret Medzhidovich rendered great assistance to the republic. Thanks to his participation, we were able to quickly deploy covid hospitals, provide them with oxygen, ventilators, additional medical beds and everything necessary. For two years, Khazret Sovmen, on his own initiative, without waiting for requests, financed the medical institutions of the republic in the amount of more than 200 million rubles,” Murat Kumpilov said .

The medical workers warmly thanked Khazret Sovmen for his help and support, spoke about the most critical moments in the fight against the pandemic, about the transformations in hospitals carried out thanks to the assistance of Khazret Sovmen. It was noted that the medical equipment purchased with the help of Sovmen not only made it possible to stop the spread of COVID-19, but also continues to serve the benefit of the inhabitants of the republic.

Khazret Sovmen, in turn, thanked the doctors for their selfless work and loyalty to the profession, noted that he continues to follow the life of his native republic, its successes and achievements.

“Thanks to doctors, nurses, orderlies, medical volunteers - to all those who during the pandemic provided the residents of the Republic of Adygea with qualified and timely assistance, saved their health and lives,” Khazret Sovmen said.