Putin called NATO exercises in the Black Sea a serious challenge

© Фото : U.S. Marine Corps / Staff Sgt. Pablo Morrison

 NATO is using strategic aviation with military weapons in unplanned exercises in the Black Sea, and this is a serious challenge for Russia, Vladimir Putin said in an interview on the Russia 24 TV channel,- RIA News reports.

"Moreover, not only has a sufficiently powerful naval group formed, but aviation, including strategic aviation, is also used in these exercises. The fact is that they have strategic combat weapons on board. This is a serious challenge for us." , - Putin said.

The head of state said that the Russian military department also proposed to conduct unplanned exercises in this area in order to respond to Washington's actions. However, according to Putin, this is inappropriate: there is no point in escalating the situation. Therefore, the Ministry of Defense "is limited only to escorting aircraft and ships."

Earlier, the US Navy's Sixth Fleet said that the flagship command ship Mount Whitney headed to the Black Sea for joint operations with NATO forces.