The height of the snow cover in Adygea exceeded 70 cm

Due to the weather and the large amounts of snow that fell in Adygea, a high alert regime was introduced in the republic. Until February 17, the height of the snow cover in the capital Maykop was 73 cm, in the mountains - 78 cm.

Emergency warnings about wet snow contagion and avalanche danger continue to operate in the Republic.

According to the press service of the Emergency Situations Office of the Russian Federation in Adygea, car drivers who get into a difficult situation on the roads are provided with assistance.

Rescuers are urging residents and guests of the Republic to be vigilant and maintain safety measures.

Drivers are reminded of the need to maintain a speed limit and a safe distance.

In case of emergency, you can call these phones:
7 8772 568078  

Pictures from Maykop (Topical01 - Instagram)