Modernization of the US nuclear forces due to the actions of China

Phot: militarytimes

The United States must modernize its nuclear forces as China seeks to "at least double" its nuclear arsenal. This statement was made by US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper.

“As communist China moves towards at least doubling its nuclear arsenal, modernizing our nuclear forces and maintaining combat readiness is imperative to keeping the Indo-Pacific region free and open,” Esper wrote on Twitter. 

Esper said in July that the United States have superiority over potential adversaries in the field of nuclear weapons and set to keep it. At the same time, he spoke of the importance of carrying out "the modernization and recapitalization of the arsenal of nuclear deterrence." Esper then assured that the United States intends to act in this direction solely to avoid potential armed conflicts.

One of humanity's existential problems is the danger of a global nuclear war. The nuclear arms race continues to accelerate and today there are about 8 countries in the world that are investing a lot of power to increase their nuclear power. Unfortunately, the chances of a nuclear war erupting when undemocratic states possess such weapons.