Circassians of Jordan held a protest in solidarity with Martin Kochesoko

18.09.2020, Ammam

Freedom and Justice for Martin Kochesoko

In Amman, Jordan today, on the initiative of the “Jordan Association of Caucasus Circassian Friends,” with the approach of the adjourned session of the trial of the Circassian youth, Martin Kochesoko, the Head of the Khabze Organization in the Republic of Kabardino-Balkaria, which will  fall on September 22nd of the current year, some youth men and women, and those who are interested in Martin’s case held a vigil of expression and solidarity to demand justice and fairness for him, and thus absolve him of the false, incorrect and wholly fabricated accusations made against him.

The participants raised Jordanian and Circassian flags, and posters of Martin with the words in Arabic, English, Circassian and Russian languages, “Freedom for Martin Kochesoko”, to express their standing by him at this difficult time, wishing him a fair judicial ruling and for salvation from this nightmare.