A world without US leadership: Merkel encourages Europe to prepare

"The US may no longer strive for world leadership and Europe should seriously think about it",- German Chancellor Angela Merkel said. She commented on Washington’s decision to partially withdraw its military contingent from Germany. The number of military is planned to be reduced by 10 thousand. In the USA, this is explained by Berlin's failure to fulfill its obligations under NATO.

Europe needs to seriously think about a new reality in which the United States may not aspire, as before, to take the place of world leader, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said in an interview with several European newspapers published on June 26.

“We grew up with a certain knowledge that the United States wants to be a world power. If the US now wants to stop playing this role of its own free will, we need to seriously think about it, ”she said.

Thus, she responded to the decision of US President Donald Trump to reduce the United States military contingent in Germany from 35 to 25 thousand people. This step was due to the fact that Berlin, according to Washington, does not spend enough on defense within the framework of NATO. According to European and American media, the United States made this decision without any consultation with Germany or other countries of the alliance.